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Scientists have warned to stop kissing, handshake and hugging to avoid coronavirus



Professor John Oxford, a scientist from Queen Mary University, has advised people to abstain from kissing and hugging as a way to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

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The professor described his proposed method of protection as the “British standoffishness”, saying the virus is dependent on close contacts, Daily Mail reports.

His message is coming hours before Valentine’s Day when lovers are expected to express love in peculiar ways.

It should be noted that the virus has killed more than 1,000 people and has infected almost 46,000 worldwide, with eight cases from Britain.

The scientist said that the change in human social interaction will go a long way to curb the spread of coronavirus.
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In an interview with the BBC, the scientist said that people’s social actions have to be reordered to reflect a new way of social interaction.

Oxford said changing the traditional ways of interaction like handshaking, hugging, and kissing is more important than the popular precaution of wearing masks.