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Pogba’s wife hit son’s face with toiletroll during the stay at home challenge (watch video)



Paul Pogba’s wife Maria Zulay while making an attempt to join in the trending stay home challenge appeared to have kicked a roll of tissue right in the face of their toddler as she rushed to comfort the child.

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The stay home challenge is becoming a global trend where players challenge themselves to do a number of keepy-ups with the toilet roll before making a ‘pass’ to challenge another.

Toilet roll is now a precious item following the continued spread of the dreaded novel coronavirus across the globe as people now panic buy.

In the video shared by Maria while at their Manchester home due to the lock down, Pogba was seen throwing the tissue to her as she kicked one and then flicked the other which directly struck the toddler on the face.

There was confusion in the faces of the couple as to what they have just done, before the Maria made an attempt to comfort the child.

Meanwhile, the Manchester United player earlier posted a video on Instagram to show off his new hairstyle.

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His famously, frequently changing hair – that has been bleached, blond, red, blue and pink and drawn criticism from pundits – is GONE.

Pogba has had the razor to his head and not a single follicle lived to tell the tale.

Looking relaxed at home, he posted: “This is Paul Pogba.

“I’m with the little one, we’re playing football, fooling around I dribble past him until he grows up and does the same to me!

“These are the things you can do at home to stay safe if you have a garden, if you’re inside even in a small apartment with a foam ball, like we used to do back in the days – we play, we break things, we say sorry to our parents and go on!”