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Osman Hafiz a married three women the same day in Ghana



A man identified as Osman Hafiz, a native of Walewale in the North-east region of Ghana, and some ladies have done something strange in the name of love. The man tied the knot with the three women on the same day.

The three wives, Yidana Sikena, Ali Kamara and Yakubu Huzaima married their husband on Saturday, November 23.

According to Ghana’s, the husband and his three wives released flyers some weeks ago to announce their forthcoming marriage.

The wedding was said to have taken place at Walewale. Photos taken at the historic wedding ceremony were shared on social media. The photos showed the three brides smiling brightly beside their husband.

Hafiz, his wives, Yidana Sikena, Ali Kamara and Yakubu Huzaima, were dressed in beautiful traditional wedding attire for the ceremony.

A Twitter user identified as Saddick Adams shared the photos on the micro-blogging platform. Adams, who congratulated Hafiz, stated that Hafiz’s wedding lasted for an hour thirty minutes.