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More than 1 billion animals died as Australia bushfire still continue to range on



The raging bushfires in Australia have killed over one billion animals, a figure which doubles experts’ projection of 500 million, Daily Mail reports.

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At least 25 people have also lost their lives to the raging fire with thousands of homes and properties destroyed and millions of hectares of land burned.

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A statement by WF-Australia CEO Dermot O’Gorman said that the bushfires were not caused by climate change, saying Australia is a land of bushfires.

O’Gorman, however, noted that climate change made the bushfires worse, adding that the current “mega-fires are not normal”.

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The volumes of carbon dioxide generated by the bushfires have started affecting the quality of the air as the Australian Medical Association warned of new health threats.

The medical association said the polluted air may start causing serious illness among the people.