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Mexican women go on strike to protest against violence, as the country economy may lose $1.37bn



Tens of thousands of Mexican women have reportedly gone on a nationwide strike, refusing to show up in their various workplaces, in a daring protest against mindless gender-based killings.

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The New York Times reports that the protesters said no fewer than 10 women in Mexico are killed every day.

The killing of women and girls mainly because of their gender has reportedly increased in the North American country.

In 2019, Mexican authorities registered 1,006 such killings, a 10 percent jump over the year before.

Fivestardiary gathers that the protesting women are asking the Mexican government to put in place concrete measures to protect them against violence and brutal killings.

Apart from embarking on strike, the women also staged a march on the streets of Mexico on Sunday, March 8.

The strike which is reportedly unprecedented in the history of Mexico has also attracted a reaction from President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

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Though the Mexican president admitted the women were fighting for a legitimate cause, he alleged that the protests were instigated by his opponents who want his government to fail.

The strike action by the women was reportedly backed by many companies, assuring them that they would not be sanctioned for staying at home.

The move is seen as a show of solidarity with the women as they protest against the gender-based killings.

The protest is being promoted widely under the hashtag #ADayWithoutUs.

The subway ticket booths, which are mostly operated by women, were closed on Monday, March 9.

It is reported that if the strike is widely observed by the women in the country, the economy could lose up to $1.37 billion, according to Concanaco Servytur, one of Mexico’s largest business groups.