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Meet man who learned how to cook through YouTube, now has restaurant with more than 60 workers




A man in America, Octavious “Tay” Nelson, learned how to cook because he wanted to honour the memory of his father and brother who passed away.


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Not only did he succeed at it, but the man also ended up opening a big restaurant which has now employed 60 people, Good News Network reports.


Before his father’s death, he was a dishwasher at different restaurants where his dad worked as a cook. Nelson said he always noticed how his food made people happy.


When the idea to cook sprang up, the main difficulty he had was that he did not know the culinary act. So, he turned to YouTube to watch DIY cooking videos.


“I watched every video I could find, I learned everything from how to cook different types of meat to business-related tips on how to run a restaurant,” he said.


After he had gathered enough knowledge, the man eventually launched his food business called Bobby’s BBQ which had all his father’s recipes which he named after him.


The same media reports that more than 35,000 people have tasted his barbecue which is seasoned with his late dad’s secret recipes.

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”We are incredibly grateful that we’ve managed to keep our doors open through this pandemic, so we can continue to have a positive impact on our community, as well as keeping our staff employed,” he said.