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Meet beautiful five year old girl who rant to her mother over responsibility



A little girl has gathered the attention of thousands of people on Instagram.

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Madison Jade, who first went viral when she shared her unique thoughts about the Aladdin reboot movie, has generated quite the following online.

Madison has 312,000 followers on Instagram who enjoy watching her witty videos. Her mum, Janess Strickland, filmed Madison venting about being a young child with responsibilities.

The video, which was originally posted in November last year, resurfaced online and it warmed social media users’ hearts.

In the clip, Madison tells her mother how hard it is being a five-year-old. She rants about going to school, then gymnastics and work.

At the last part, her mum bursts out laughing, reminding Madison she doesn’t even have a job.

“You don’t go to work… you go to work spending mommy’s money,” the giggling mother says.

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Take a look at the video below: