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Man caught with stolen canned fish at supermarket in Lagos State




Like the popular saying, 99 days for the thief, one day for the owner, this best describes what happened to a young boy caught trying to shoplift at a supermarket in Lagos state.

Facebook user, Segun Availeth Oyedele, broke the news via the platform and shared photos of the alleged thief.

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In his caption, he narrated how the young man in question visited the supermarket as a customer. Although he didn’t buy anything, the attendant’s interest was piqued when he noticed the supposed customer’s waistline grew thicker after he got into the supermarket.


He was soon discovered with a waist full of canned fish. Photos shared shows the young man on his knees pleading.

“He visited a supermarket with a tiny waist, after strolling round the supermarket looking for what to lift, his waist grew bigger, then the attendant was inquisitive to know what vitamin he must have taken in the supermarket that resulted to the waist boosting, only for them to discover it was an artificial waist floated by sardines,” Segun narrated.


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Meanwhile, two “gentlemen” from Ghana were captured in viral video satisfying themselves with drinks from a supermarket without getting noticed by the shopkeepers.

The young men whose identities are yet unknown appeared to be close friends who carefully planned the plot and took along another accomplice to record them.

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They were captured taking different varieties of drinks, opening up the seals, filling their mouths with them and then returning them safely on the shelves.

The gentlemen looked very excited at the success of the secret plot as they were seen grinning from ear to ear with each drink they took.

Perhaps, this should serve as a strong warning to owners of supermarkets and local shops to guard their products more zealously or install CCTV cameras at all corners.