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Kiddwaya says he wants Laycon to win, Erica is a sweetheart




The BBNaija 2020 Lockdown journey recently ended for one of the housemates, Kiddwaya. As expected, the young man was interviewed by organisers of the show to find out about his game plan and his thoughts on some of the other housemates.

During a question and answer session, Kiddwaya said that one of the other housemates, Laycon, was his guy and that he loved his energy.

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Speaking further, Kidd also said that Erica is a sweetheart and a princess with a fiery attitude.


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In a one on one interview with the show host, Ebuka, Kiddwaya elaborated on his thoughts about some of the people he met in the BBNaija house.

Kidd admitted that his eviction from the show had not really sunk in because he hadn’t had the chance to really go on his social media or go outside.

The young man said that since money was not his motivation for going on the show, his plan was to network and help them in their respective field and then to also have fun.

Speaking further, Kidd also explained that he did not go on the show with a plan to get hooked with someone and that he went there with an open mind. Kidd said that he does not understand how someone would go there and decide to limit themselves and that he was open minded.

The young man spoke on his relationship with Erica and said that he really respects her and wants her in his life whether as a friend or anything else. He said he felt Erica was a lovely girl and that he genuinely enjoyed his time with her. Kidd said he felt like she really had his back and that he felt she had his back and really cared about him.

Kidd said that he did not feel bad that Erica did not find him as mentally attractive as she found Laycon. He also said he had no issues with Laycon or with Erica liking him mentally.

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The young man also said that he did not feel like getting close to Laycon after Erica’s disqualification was a betrayal of her friendship. According to him, he is a mature man and never had an issue with Laycon from day one an could not fathom starting to have issues with him because of her.

Kiddwaya also told Ebuka that he wants Laycon to win and that he thinks he will win. He also said he was surprised Trikytee was still on the show because he had a rough couple of weeks.

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