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Kenya’s youngest PhD holder Purity Ngina got married in a low key



This included two camera men and three priests who blessed the wedding as she vowed to live with her husband Germano Richter Mugambi till death do them part.

All the two lovers needed on their big day was KSh 350,000 (N1,263,5000) and additional KSh 40,000 (N144,400) for the white gown.

According to the 28-year-old born and bred in Mbiriri village in Nyeri county, what mattered most was God’s blessing and not how glamorous the event was.

The full team that witnessed our wedding. You can do a small wedding and be happy. What matters is the blessing. Live within your means. We had a total of 42 guests. This included two camera men and three priests.”

Ngina’s story is that of sheer determination and resilience to achieve that which she desires to change her environment in whatever way.

In many poor families, children barely know what it feels to put on shoes or any footwear and she was not an exception.

Her plight was further aggravated by the fact that she was brought up by a single parent.

Despite these hurdles, Ngina went on to receive her doctorate degree in Bio-mathematics from Strathmore University, making her the youngest in the said field.