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Jose Mourinho reward the ball boy by inviting him for launch, for his fast thinking



The week keeps getting better for Callum Hynes, the fast-thinking Tottenham ball boy, who assisted Harry Kane’s first goal in Spurs 4-2 win against Olympiacos.

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This follows report that Jose Mourinho has invited Hynes to Tottenham’s pre-match meal today as reward for his heroics on Tuesday night.

With Tottenham down 2-1 with 50 minutes played, the ball went out of play, but Hynes was obviously reading the game and wasted no time in releasing the ball to Serge Aurier who immediately threw the ball to Lucas Moura down the right.

Moura carried the ball forward before playing it back to Kane who equalized for Tottenham.

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Mourinho, a former ball boy himself, immediately embraced the youngster after the goal.

He said: “He is coming for lunch, for a pre-match meal with the boys [on Saturday].

“Happy days for the kid and hopefully we gave him amazing memories for the rest of his life, so beautiful for him.”

The 15-year-old who wasn’t able to celebrate with the team after Tottenham 4-2 win because he had a maths exam the day after, is still in disbelief over his assist and how he was appreciated by Mourinho.