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Fashion: Checkout six ways to design boys blazers



One popular option is the boyfriend blazer. This is one piece of clothing that every lady needs to have in her closet, all season round!

However, the cold season of harmattan is the best time to rock this piece as it protects from the cold. Not only does it give a complete upgrade to one’s look, there are so many ways to style it and still look effortlessly chic in a unisex way.

1. Because of the oversize look of the blazers, many people assume it is only to be paired with a fitted outfit. However, fashion influencer, Lady Vhodka proves this to be wrong with one of her recent looks.

She paired the black jacket with a cut-out halter neck top and a burgundy wide-legged pair of trousers.

2. Fashion blogger, Princess Audu adds a dash of extra to her look as she pairs her red blazers with a black tank top and a pair of mum jeans. With a fancy necktie and a pair of heels, she is all set and ready to turn heads!.

3. Everybody knows Rihanna never goes wrong when it comes to making fashion statements. It is always a hit and never a miss! In this photo below, she dons a gray blazer and has it perfectly belted around her waist, redefining chic.

4. There’s no harm in showing some skin while rocking the oversize jacket and Inidima Okojie sure knows this. She paired her boyfriend jacket with a turtleneck top and a cute miniskirt.

5. There’s also that option of wearing the boyfriend blazer as a dress, buttoned and belted if you will. However, such a daring look requires confidence and poise to sell it and that is what fashion blogger, Olamide Coco appears to have done.

6. The boyfriend blazer can also be paired with a knee length dress and you can either wear it on the dress or have it hanging from your shoulders.



Pastor Sam Adeyemi says ‘Sex’ is one of the things to successful marriage



Well-known Nigerian cleric and senior pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, Sam Adeyemi, has shared an enlighten advice with his followers and members on the popular micro-blogging platform, Twitter.

The pastor shared a tweet advising couples about marriage. On his tweet on Saturday, November 16, the pastor advised married couples to resolves their issues quickly, not to abuse each other and love each other.

Adeyemi also shared a list of things to focus on to keep the marriage going smoothly. The pastor advised couples to focus on the upside of marriage.

According to him, some of the things to focus on are better intercourse, the better raising of children, better ideas, better decision-making, better financial stability, and better health to relieve stress.

The part about better intercourse got Nigerians talking. As a man of God, people were surprised that he mentioned better intercourse as one of the things to focus on.

They, however, hailed him for mentioning it. Some even joked about putting his advice to good use.

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Meet Banjo Toun who failed her first Jamb, Graduated with 7 awards



Everything, no matter how far off, soon falls into place with continued passion and commitment. This same can be said of Toun Banjo.

In life also, giving up is the marker of the end and not the frustration and challenges one may face when trying to achieve something great.

Had Toun given up at her first trial at success, she would not have the success stories that she is proud of today.

In a twitter post, she narrated how she failed her first Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) exams now United Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME).

She said on her second trial, she was able to get score 279. Years after, she graduated from the department of Geography, University of Ibadan with a total of seven whopping awards as the best student in her class.

Hers goes to support that nothing is truly impossible if the needed determination is in place.

“Delay is not denial! I failed my First JAMB, scored a 279 at second trial & now I’m the Best graduating Student of my department with a total of 7 awards. I am also the only First class student from the department of Geography, University of Ibadan. Hello World.

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Meet a young talented 8 year old girl whose IQ is reportedly higher than Albert Einstein



Adhara Perez might only be eight years old but she’s already known for her intellectual capabilities.

Perez, who hails from the slums of Tlahuac, Mexico City, has an IQ of 162 – making it more than that of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

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Entre NOSOTRAS se esconden mentes brillantes, capaces de igualar y superar a los grandes genios de la historia. ‌Adhara Pérez es una de estas personas. Originaria de la alcaldía de Tláhuac, en la Ciudad de México, la pequeña de 8 años de edad fue diagnosticada con el síndrome de Asperger hace algunos años, lo cual la hizo víctima de burlas y bullying en su escuela, donde sus compañeros la llamaban “rara”. sin un futuro. Prometedor según sus profesores hoy es una de las 100 mujeres mas poderosas Forbes. #adharaperez #niñagenio #niñadevanguardia #mexicana #mentebrillante #asperger #ingenieríaindustrial #ingenieriaensistemas #astrofisica #girlpower #inspiration #mexicanachingona

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However, despite her high IQ, Perez has faced difficulties in life. She recalls being mocked in school after she was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome (autism spectrum) at the age of three.

The classmates dubbed Perez “weird” and her mom, Nallely Sanchez, said her daughter was affected by it emotionally, to the point where she did not want to go to school.

Nallely saw her daughter was gifted, having advanced knowledge of algebra and the periodic table.

She took Perez to a psychiatrist who recommended that they go to the Talent Care Center. They confirmed Perez had an outstanding IQ and she was offered classes tailored to her abilities, according to

By the age of eight, she had already completed high school and is already studying towards two online degrees – Industrial Engineering in Mathematics at UNITEC and Systems Engineering by CNCI.

By the age of eight, she already completed high school and is already studying towards two online degrees – Industrial Engineering in Mathematics at UNITEC and Systems Engineering by CNCI.

The young genius hopes to become an astronaut by studying astrophysics at the University of Arizona.

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