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Fans react as DJ says she is tired of people telling her how to live her life




Nigerian disk jockey-turned-singer, DJ Cuppy, is no stranger to public scrutiny. The fact that she is billionaire Femi Otedola’s daughter more often than not, puts her in the spotlight and she enjoys it.

Well, it appears despite relishing in the fame, DJ Cuppy is done with people giving her unsolicited advice about how to live her life.

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In a recent chat with an unidentified person, she expressed that she was tired of people telling her how to live her life.

She pointed to an instance when someone told her she was too wealthy to wear the type of wigs that she did. In response, Cuppy said it was her life and she could do as she pleased.

She said:

“I’m tired of people telling me what I should do, telling me’ what I shouldn’t do…Someone tweeted, Cuppy you’re too rich to be wearing the wigs you wear’.

“I’m like you know what, I’m sorry, I’m a human being and I get to do whatever I want, you know why? cos It’s my life.“

Watch the full video below:

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Random. Rare. Rant. #FreeCuppy

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See how some Instagram users reacted:


“Poverty mentality will make people hate and envy you from a position of pain. Cuppy brag your brag abeg no be your fault say your papa get money.”


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“How can you be telling a millionaire what to do, who born you??? How did you form.”


“Awwwn she’s so adorable y’all should let her be. Silence is the best answer for trolls. They will always talk.”


“Everyone always have opinions of how others should livvvveee and operate, but they themselves don’t know what to do with theirs. Do what makes you happy.”


“She’s tired of forcing poor nigerians youths to like and support her.”


“Being rich by birth just makes many angry and envious, no be them do us an”

Seundreams :

“When u learn to control your emotions, anger and what people dt knows ntn abt u think abt u,then half of ur problem is solved.”


“The way Nigerians envy rich kids ehn , na rich them rich, them no kill person”