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Fans blast Kim Kardashian for having six toes as they says she is not a human (photos)



While Kim Kardashian appears to have changed her dress sense to suit her husband’s ‘born again’ lifestyle, her most recent appearance at an event sparked controversy on social media and it was not because of her dressing but her toes.

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Apparently, Kim stepped out for American Influencer Awards recently and was captured rocking open-toe heels which showed that the reality TV star has six toes on each foot as opposed to five each like most people on earth.

The photo went viral with most people questioning why the social star has six toes and translated it to mean that she is not human and must have come from a different species of humans.

Some of the questions which trailed the post were “U really have 6 toes on both feet LMAOO You’re not human at all.”

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Another cruelly added: “Why am I seeing 6 toes???”

The red sandals being worn by Kim seemed to accentuate the fact there could be another toe on her foot and this is not the first time that she has been called out over it, Mirror reports.

However, it was gathered that Dr Daniel Geller, a sports podiatry expert who works in the foot and ankle surgery, has said that it is not a sixth toe and revealed that it could actually be bunions brought on by wearing high heels too often.

Meanwhile, the discussions between Kim Kardashian and President Donald Trump have been documented, Daily Mail reports.

In an interview with the New York Times, Kim said she does not understand why some people are opposed to her trips to the White House where there are pressing matters.

She said that during her visits to the seat of power, she talked about things she does not agree with, like issues bordering on immigration.