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Doting husband buys his pregnant wife a new car telling her sorry for feeling sick




When people say love is a sweeter experience with money, perhaps the way it happened to Jenifer is what they mean.


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A pregnant woman with the Twitter handle @Jeniferflee painted how wonderful living in love could be when she shared on Sunday, August 23, what her husband did for her.


Jenifer said just when she was feeling unwell, her husband went out and got her the best ‘medicine’ ever; a brand new Benz.


In the picture she shared on the micro-messaging platform, she could be seen in a lovely pose with her husband as they stood in front of the new whip.


Her post got mixed reactions on Twitter as people expressed joy at the gift and those who could not tuck in their envy showed it too.


Some of those who threw condemnation at the post questioned what her husband really does for a living as others asked if getting a car was the real prescription for her sickness.


Jenifer replied to those asking for his source of wealth, saying that her husband invested in her nail business.

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See her post below: