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Curious fans blast Toke Makinwa for saying her dad pays her bills



Many times, the socialite has been an object of cyber bulling and it is often times from curious people disguised as fans who want to know her source of income.

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Toke no doubt lives an enviable lifestyle of luxury as she travels to different parts of the world, wears the best clothes and eats the best food. Still, many people fail to believe that she is able to afford all these from being a socialite.

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Just recently, Toke’s fan on Twitter asked where she had been and the media girl said she had been busy working, sleeping and getting her life.

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This then developed into a conversation with another Twitter user who said he believes everything Toke said except the working part. According to him, he finds it hard to wrap his head around how Toke affords her lifestyle.

Toke then responded that the guy’s father is to thank for her lifestyle. The guy was not having it at all and he made sure to bring guns to a knife fight.

This Gbas Gbos is serious. Why the hate though?.