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Comedian Bovi – The life of a man is very hard



Nigerian comedian, actor and writer Bovi took to his Instagram page to lament the responsibilities that comes with being a man.

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According to Bovi, the life of a man is hard in the sense that he never stops paying bills.

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I worked as host of this lavish birthday party last night. Top political figures, state governors, A-list royal fathers; you name it, they were all in attendance. I stepped out just before the event would kick off properly and I saw this Rolls Royce pull up at the gate. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one expecting to see some burly, robust and well fed looking “Chief”. Behold, in true Hollywood fashion, a goddess-like lady emerged in slowmo. From her hair to her feet, this girl oozed class. Interestingly she was alone. Clutching on to her purse, she headed to the security gate. Those without invites trying to gatecrash paved way. Security, to my greatest surprise didn’t ask for her iv. She just glided past with a coy but firm smile. This pikin no go don pass 25. Could she be self made at that age? Who was her father? or was she Regina Daniels rich? Whatever it was, she was so pristine, it seemed she walked right out of pintrest. Later on in the evening, I could see eyes, single and married, aiming prolonged glances at her. Like a star, she was hounded for pictures. I legit saw her politely refuse to give out her phone number. All I did was swallow spit from a distance. Behold as the event wound to an end, just as I got off stage, I saw this angel marylyn sway towards me. I broadened my chest and dimmed my eyes. I immediately started to search the Bible in my head where polygamy was mentioned or described as a sin. I couldn’t find it. From Abraham through David to Solomon, Gods favorite men had multiple women. Halleluyah! She had her phone stretched out as she approached me without breaking her gaze down my soul through my eyes. I rehearsed my own phone number again just to be sure I know it. “Hi good evening. I love your outfit. Please who made it?” Those were her first words. In my mind I was like “tf?”. My lips had to readjust. And with a forced smile I replied “ @davidwej “. She ran her ikoyi fingers slowly down the lapel of my jacket, smiled and said “the fabric is tender. Looks pricy. Do you mind telling me how much you got it? Would like to get one for my husband”. 🤨How I wan take tell this yeye woman say na free @davidwej give me everything wey I wear? 🤪

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The comedian said he wondered why he cannot be gifted an Iphone, while also stating that he ended up paying for a phone that was once gifted to him.

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Bovi wrote;

“life of man is hard,! All I wake up to do is pay bills, can’t I wake up and see Iphone 11? the only free phone I got in my life, I ended up paying for it.”