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Cleaner in Dubai missing his wife goes viral after drawing heart on the street walkway



A street cleaner working in Dubai has reached out to his wife despite the distance between them.

The lonely Indian man was sweeping the streets when he suddenly developed the urge to be close to his wife so he used dried leaves to make the shape of a heart.

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Ramesh Gandi used his tools to assemble the leaves and took his time to arrange the dried up objects.

The 30-year-old was emotional, sad and felt a wave of loneliness overtake him whenever the thought of the love of his life crossed his mind.

A resident spotted Gandi’s little labour of love and took a photo that was later shared on social media.

The Dubai local, Nesma Farhat, was blown away by how beautiful Gandi’s silent message was and kept watching the man build his tiny heart on the pavement.

She was working at her desk when she developed an interest in what the cleaner was doing.

Speaking to the Khaleej Times, Nesma said the 30-year-old man stared at his work of art before sweeping it away and proceeding with his job.

Gandi said he was thinking about his home, wife and family during the fateful day.

He added that he was not aware someone was watching him as he sent his love to his wife through a piece of art placed on the pavement.

“I was very surprised to see the photograph online. On the day the photograph was taken, I was thinking about home,” the cleaner noted.