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Cambridge university has been adviced to return bronze that was stolen from Nigeria during colonial era



Cambridge University has agreed to bring back the bronze cockerel stolen from Africa in the 19th century.

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The bronze is known as Benin Bronze, according to Daily Mail, was snatched by colonial forces and taken to Jesus College in 1905. Jesus College is a constituent school resident at the University of Cambridge.

Before the move was made, students of the college campaigned against what they said were the “spoils of war”

It should be noted that the bronze cockerel was one of the pieces to be returned to the country since a lot of them were carted during 1897.

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Before the return of the piece, it was removed from public view in March 2016 following students’ protest that it engenders “colonial narrative”.

Following the campaign, the college began a discussion that involved a crop of artists called the Benin Dialogue Group and museum representatives.

Though no date was set for the return, the college on Wednesday, November 27, confirmed that it would definitely be returned.

The piece to be returned is one of the thousands of pieces stolen from Africa during colonialisation. Photo

source: Daily Mail

One of Nigeria’s foremost artists, Victor Ehikhamenor, said that the gesture is a huge move towards restitution, saying he hopes other Europeans follow suit.

“No matter how small the gesture may look, it is a huge step toward the realisation of restitution of the works from the Benin Kingdom that were looted by the British.

“I hope other Europeans, especially British institutions, will follow without any excuses or delays,” he said.