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Actress, Victoria Inyama react to video of Lagos boy harassing a lady over indecent dressing




Former Nollywood actress, Victoria Inyama, has shared her thoughts concerning indecent dressing following a disturbing video making the rounds online.


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In the video, a lady in a mini dress is seen walking down a busy street when a man runs up from behind and smacks her bum.


The girl immediately turns around and verbally insults him while the men around who witnessed the harassment, laugh.



In reaction to this, Inyama urged ladies to learn to dress appropriately. According to her, one has no business dressing like that to the market where all kinds of men are usually present.



She added that the government in Nigeria doesn’t work and therefore the chances of the culprit being caught are very low.


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Sharing the video, she wrote:”Appropriate Dressing. l know that the hardship in that country is so severe it has eaten up the common sense side of the brain….African women Dress decent and stop copying The Western worlds. Their system works. Regardless of anything There are Laws that protect women…..Such laws you don’t have… Dress Responsible….How difficult is that.”



Watch video below;