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3 female students got 24 stroke of the cane each for fighting dirty in Lagos



Fighting and bickering among students in secondary is not something new. However, three female students got unfortunate after they were accosted for their brawl and made to receive serious punishment for their actions.

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According to online reports, two of the ladies had joined hands together to mete out punishment against another female student.

It was alleged that one of the student’s had been expelled from school and she sought the assistance of her friend to deal with an ex-classmate, following an argument that had initially started on a Facebook group.

Fivestardiary sighted a video that captured the moment the ladies had been accosted by concerned residents in the neighbourhood where their little drama had played out.

They were made to fall on their knees while an unidentified man lashed at them with a cane. A woman’s voice that was heard in the background of the video made it clear that the ladies had gotten nothing less than 24 strokes of the cane.

Watch the video below:

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