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16 year old Mckenzie becomes CEO, owns a beauty supply business




Paris McKenzie, a beautiful Black girl who is only 16, has started her own enterprise in the fashion industry and it is already making history.

According to a report sighted by Fivestardiary on, Paris becomes the youngest Black owner of a beauty supply business.

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Paris’ business was met with great applause on social media as many Black-owned fashion businesses have reportedly folded in recent times.

The teenager who lives in Brooklyn in the United States, McKenzie credits her mother, Senica Thompson, for being a great motivation to start the business called Paris Beauty Supplyz.

“I do have a lot of business experience. I’ve been helping my mom run her business since I was very, very young. So I know how to handle finances and how to market products in the store,” McKenzie told CBS2 about the venture. “I had enough money saved to invest in this.”

The young entrepreneur says that she still tries to enjoy moments of being a normal teenager with friends and learning to balance between time with her girlfriends and running a business full-time, hoping to inspire the next generation of young female business owners.







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